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Ultimate Guide to Free Wii U Points Codes

What's Wii U?

Wii U, a successor to the popular Wii, is an eighth-generation home video gaming console. It stands out as a worthy competitor against Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4. It comes built as a sleek box, offering an HDMI port and an AV multi-out. It's an unassuming, minimalist kit, clearly intended to be concealed from view.

  • Basic Info: Wii U
  • Product: Home Video Gaming Console
  • Developer: Nintendo IRD
  • Operating System: Wii U System Software
  • Website:
Since its inception and release, this console has had a significant positive reception and gained much popularity among many video game enthusiasts. Users particularly praise its Game-Pad controller and backward compatibility with nearly all Wii controllers and software. It's also more affordable, especially when compared with most other 8th generation consoles. It accepts up to 12 accounts per console. Besides, unlike most other similar models, Wii U doesn't rely on subscriptions for online functionality.

Key Features at a Glance

The Wii U package features the Wii U Game-Pad (primary controller) that sports an embedded resistive touchscreen, in addition to combining analog sticks, directional buttons, and action buttons. One can use the screen to either supplement the main display or in the supported game to play directly independent on a television. This console is compatible with virtually all Wii accessories and software. Its online functionality is centered on the Nintendo Network and Miiverse. It supports various online video services using apps like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Video, as well.

Primary Controller: Wii U Game-Pad

This controller eliminates any traditional barrier between your games and the TV using an additional window. It boasts a 6.2-inch LCD touchscreen, two analog sticks, and traditional button controls. Additionally, it features a front-facing camera, a sensor bar, stereo speakers, a stylus, a microphone, and motion control. It also supports Near-Field-Communication (NFC).

Online Services

The Wii U makes use of the Nintendo Network for online services like:
  • Online multiplayer games
  • Internet browsing using the Nintendo Internet Browser
  • Purchasing and downloading games/apps via the Nintendo eShop
  • Video chat via the Wii U's Chat service, and many more


Miiverse, a Wii U's social networking service, comes integrated into the console. It allows for interaction and sharing of content in various game-specific social communities. Users can, therefore, share their accomplishments, drawings, hand-written notes, and screenshots. Miiverse is heavily moderated, ensuring that everything is family-friendly.

Game Library

While publishers continue rushing out buggy titles at the expense of video gamers, Nintendo remains primarily committed to quality. The Wii U is compatible with nearly all of the 1,000-plus games released for its predecessor, the original Wii console. Such explain why the Wii U boasts an unbelievably large library. Upon factoring in this unit's stunning new-generation offerings and the massive back catalog, you get a library of title selections that infinitely few other platforms can top. You can get Wii U games from physical media retail outlets or download them through the Nintendo eShop. These include popular titles such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong, as well as select Wii series games like Wii Party U, Wii Sports Club, and Wii Fit U. Others include top-selling titles like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. There's almost no better console system for playing your games with friends than the Wii U. You can register friends from any part of the world either by sending friend requests to people you've recently played online with or exchanging your individual Nintendo Network IDs. From your Friend LIst, you'll be able to see which of your friends are online and/or what game(s) they're playing.


This feature comes in handy if you/your kids are much into interactive toy-based game titles. There's no better home for your kids than the Wii U, where plastic figures turn into in-game characters. Aside from supporting 3rd party hits like Disney Infinity and Skylanders, this console boasts Nintendo's proprietary NFC-based Amiibo figures. By tapping into the Game-Pad, these figures can do a significantly lot of things. They can turn into trainable fighters in the Super-Smash Bros. or unlock select costumes in the Mario Kart 8.

What are Wii U Points?

These are popularly referred to as Nintendo Points. They're the virtual currency used by Nintendo for its Wii U system through the Wii Shop Channel. You can purchase Wii U Points' Cards from retail stores. Alternatively, these points can be purchased by online credit card transactions. You can make use of Nintendo eShop's pre-paid cards to redeem your Nintendo Points on Wii U's online store. With Nintendo Points' Cards, you'll see a concealed panel at the back. You ought to scratch that panel to reveal the code. You can then enter this code on the Wii Shop Channel and the requisite Nintendo points will be added to your account. At retail outlets, Nintendo Points' Cards are usually sold as codes on scratch cards, providing 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 Points. The pricing varies from one retailer to another. But, on average, 2,000 points cost $19.99 in the U.S. and £19.99 in the U.K. when purchased retail. When purchased in the Wii Shop Channel, these points have fixed prices which might vary only by region. For instance, the Wii Shop Channel offers 1,000 Wii U Points for $10 in the U.S. and €10 in the U.K.

How can I Use Wii U Points?

Wii U Points are used in purchasing various software on the Wii U Shop Channel that's divided into two main sections: I. Virtual Console - Features older games II. WiiWare - Features new games which are specifically designed for the Wii U There's quite a number of WiiWare-only games which have add-on content which players can purchase with their Wii U Points. These titles typically vary from 500 to 1,500 Points.

What are Free Wii U Points?

Free Nintendo Points refer to those that you acquire without paying for. 'How to get free Wii Points' and 'sources of free Wii U download codes' are among the common terms used by Wii U enthusiasts on most search engines. There are several ways through which you can get free eShop Points, free Wii games download, and Wii U codes for free. For instance, you can obtain free Wii ROMs and Points by linking your Nintendo Club Member account with your Wii Shop Channel one. You'll acquire 100 free Wii points automatically after registering on the Nintendo Club's site and completing the provided survey. You'll also want to look for scratch cards in your games' packages. At times, you'll come across a paper behind the manual accompanying your game, prompting you to register and, subsequently, receive free Wii U eShop codes. Some websites offer free Wii Points' codes, as well. However, not all of them can be trusted. A majority of these are fake, barely fulfilling their promises.

How Do I Get Free Wii U Points Codes? (Avoid Scam)

People are continually pursuing sources of free Wii U games download and points online. You'll come across a multitude of ads and videos which claim they've just the perfect free Wii Points hack that you've been seeking. Other sites will trick you into completing certain offers. Often, these promise free Wii games upon completion of such offers. Unfortunately, most of these are usually nothing else but a scam. In fact, it's always important to question anything you're getting for free. These scam traps come in different shapes and colors, with amateurish or professional looks, promising to provide free Wii downloads. Their common purposes include:
  • Compelling you into completing surveys
  • Infecting your PC
  • Stealing your personal data
  • Deceiving and luring you into visiting other irrelevant websites

Where Can I Get Wii U Points for Free?

Thankfully, it's possible to get free Wii U Points. You've come to the right place. As frequent video game players, we take much pleasure in providing Wii U Points at absolutely no cost. We care for all that have been seeking free Wii U Points only to end up unsuccessful and frustrated by scam artists. Unlike such, we're always striving to help individuals like you in the best and most legit way possible. We undertake to meet all the costs involved in getting these points. They're tested beforehand to ensure they're valid. Aside from that, your safety is assured. We won't prompt you to download anything. With that in mind, you need not get concerned about getting your Wii U account banned or having your device(s) infected with viruses and/or malware.

Who are We? - Free Wii Points Generator No Surveys

We are a collective of multiple, different Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites on the Web. And, in certain instances, our profits overrun. In such cases, we take advantage of the same and host select giveaways. We're continually gaining a loyal follower base that further upholds our reputation. That only motivates us to offer even more freebies as an appreciation gesture.

Why Are We Giving Away Wii U Points Card Numbers?

Perhaps you own a Wii U console but just can't accrue Wii U Points fast enough. It's an undeniable fact that Wii U Points are, to a significant extent, costly for a majority of players. We're thus aware that not everyone can afford to incur significant amounts on Wii U. Such are among the innumerable reasons behind why we take the initiative of giving away Wii U Points as part of our free giveaway packages. We have hundreds of GPT sites. In turn, these enable us to avail multiple Wii U Points in various denominations. With our free Wii U Points' codes, you're guaranteed a much better Wii U experience. Besides, you get to enjoy all of that without placing yourself at risk of getting banned or being scammed. We're a legitimate provider of free Wii U Points' codes, aiming at rewarding our site's visitors and ensuring they have memorable moments when using their Wii U consoles.

When Can I Get Free Wii U Points Codes Unused?

As of this moment, our free Wii U Points' codes are available for this month only. Once the month ends and we run out of these points, you might have to wait a bit longer till we acquire more resources that we can give away. It's an excellent opportunity, but one that's available for a fixed duration. You wouldn't want to regret missing out on it just because you didn't take action in time, right? That said, it'd only be wise to capitalize on it as quickly and early as possible.

Why Claim Our Free Wii U Points?

  1. All of our free Wii U codes are TESTED and CONFIRMED to be VALID/USABLE before they are generated. We also ascertain that they can function globally, beforehand.
  2. The entire process is conveniently QUICK, taking up only a matter of seconds of your time.
  3. It's also pretty SIMPLE, credit to our simplistic, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly website interface.
  4. Your SAFETY is GUARANTEED as you won't need to download anything and risk getting your device(s) infected with malware or viruses.
  5. You get to claim Wii U Points at ABSOLUTELY NO COST. You won't be asked to pay a dime!

Wii U: A Worthy Addition to your Home Entertainment Collection

Playing with family and friends couldn't be more fun. Through the Wii U, Nintendo opens up an all-new level of gaming experience, allowing for virtually all kinds of gameplay possibilities. Its controller presents a novel way to play for serious gamers and families alike. This console is inarguably an excellent option for your home entertainment's centerpiece. It's among the best consoles you can get today. It offers an incredible deal of entertainment for the price. And, you need not miss out on all of that just because you have inadequate Wii U Points or can't afford them. That shouldn't be an excuse any longer, now. Make the most out of this limited-time opportunity.

Enjoy Even More with Free Wii U Points Codes Online

Claim your free Wii U Points' codes today! Make use of them to further enjoy the impressive lot that Wii U has to offer. Invite your close friends and family to give it a try as well before time runs out. Good luck!


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